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About Rajasthan Tour

India is a land of mysticism and snake charmers coupled with modernity. Being a nerve centre of globalisation and a country with conflicting history, India is a land of perpetual interest and of course a flocking spot for curious globe trotters!

Rajasthan is one place that has probably everything that one associates India with, colourful tradition and costumes, spicy dishes, festivities that has legacies of their own, oral tradition, ancient palaces, elaborate decorative, royalty and many more. Experiencing Rajasthan depends a lot on whom you travel with GeTS holidays is a great option that fuses quality with affordability. Our long experience in the travel industry and the local know how of Rajasthan is a great asset that helps us offer you the best travel experiences vis-à-vis visiting places of attraction to suit your personal interests and all the while providing an experience of hospitality that stands as a tradition of this legendary State.

We have gained expertise through experience and have trained and efficient professionals to take care of changing needs and evolve accordingly. Be it a historical tour, a glimpse of rustic life, a peek into the arts and artefacts of the state or be it special interest like gourmets, museums, safaris on the open sands, or erecting tents under the night sky; you just have to ask for it, we have everything and much more. It is amazing to witness globalisation seeping into every nooks and corners of the state and yet it is equally fascinating to see how culture has survived and in fact co exists beside modernity, many a time complimenting each other. GeTS holidays has evolved in a similar fashion incorporating modern infrastructures while maintaining a tradition of true Indian hospitality that comes from our desire to serve and project India in its truest light! Rajasthan Tour with GeTS holidays and we assure you an experience of a lifetime.

Rajasthan boasts of being one of the most sought after tourist destinations because of the numerous choices that tourism in the state has to offer to its visitors that often leaves tourist spoilt with choices. Easy accessibility through all modes of transport, proximity to the Delhi, stable political situation and of course infrastructure that is comparable to the best in the industry et al.

Jaipur :

Jaipur is often termed as the 'pink city' of the country. Being the state acapital, Jaipur is a perfect blending of politics, modernity and an age old culture that is palpably visible when one comes across the various monuments standing beside modern malls and administrative buildings.

Udaipur :

Udaipur is ofen adorned with the epithets, 'venice of the east' and 'the city of lakes'. If you are the kind of person who seeks educative travelling, there cannot be a better place to visit than Udaipur. It is one of the richest centers of performing arts, craftsmanship and miniature paintings. And just to top up your overall experience, one can treat their eyes with the magnificient Jag Niwas palace on the Pichol lake.

Jaisalmer :

Jaisalmer is a true desert destination. Whether you are keen to experience a real like caravan or to experience a night amongst the sand dunes; Jaisalmer is the perfect place for you. It is self explanatory why Jaisalmer is often considered a 'Desert Fantasy'.

Jodhpur :

Jodhpur is named after its founder king, Rao Jodha. Jodhpur is bound to mesmerize its visitors with some amazing architecture spiced up with a desert type climate. The Mehengarh fort is the key destination apart from boasting a culture which is the result of the confluence of several cultures that the history of this place has witnessed. And one of the biggest attraction is of course the 10km wall that surrounds the old Jodhpur city!

Bikaner :

If you had enough of green hills and blue waters as your weekend escapes, its time you turned towards Bikaner. Dotted with sand dunes and camel foot prints, Bikaner is bound to impress your aesthetics. Bikaner also attracts several tourists for the camel research and breeding center which is the biggest of its kind in the country.

Ajmer :

Ajmer is often considered the 'oasis' of Rajasthan and the Thar desert. This is one place where the vibrant tribal culture shifts your focus from the sand to the colorful desert traditions and tribal rituals.

Mount Abu :

Mount Abu is has a rich legacy of monuments and palaces. Very few places boast of imposing structures from ancient history as well as from the British times. And if you thought only hill stations offer hills and heights; just visit Gurushikhar-the highest peak of the Aravalli range!