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Soon after the death Emperor Aurangzeb, the Sisodias of Mewar took the opportunity to launch an attack on the Mughal powers that were crumbling slowly but steadily. It was in 1711 AD when Maharaja Sangram II of the Sisodias dynasty fought a fierce battle against the Mughals on the banks of River Khari. A young warrior from named Sawant Singh played a major role in guiding the king's forces to victory. Pleased with his services, Sangram II granted Sawant Singh a huge fiefdom along with the grand fort of Bambora.

Today, Bambora is the gateway to a number of interesting destinations in Rajasthan. The main attraction of this small hamlet is the fort that has been tastefully converted into a luxury heritage hotel for discerning travelers.

Converted into a grand heritage hotel today, the Karni fort is said to be around 400 years old. The fort has a 5 km tunnel that was an escape route for its residents in case of any attack by enemy forces. Since Bambora is just a small village with a population of around 2000, the fort is the only attraction it can boast of.