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The district of Baran is sparsely populated and is ideal tourist place for those who like wandering through isolated areas. The city is situated in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan and the water from five rivers irrigates its lands. These rivers are Kalisindh, Parvan, Parvarti, Andheri and Ban-Ganga.

Solanki Rajputs ruled the city of Baran in 14th and 15th century. It could not be traced when the main town of twelve villages under Solanki Rajputs was named as Baran. There are many myths related to the formation of this city but nothing substantial has come up till now. When in 1948,various princely states were brought together for the formation of a joint Rajasthan; Baran was taken into the new state of Rajasthan. In Urdu, Baran means rains and it is remarkable that after Banswara district, Baran has the maximum rainfall in the state.

The tourist spots located in the district of Baran constitute Sitabari, Bhand Devra- Ramgarh, Puradon, Kapildhara, Brahmani Mata, Shahabad Fort, and Shergarh Fort.