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Barmer is situated about 224 kms from Jodhpur. Located atop a hill, Barmer houses the remains of an old fort called Garh right on its peak. The town has derived its name from its 13th century founder Bahada Rao or Bar Rao. Initially called 'Bahada-Mer', the name was later shortened to Barmer. It was however called Mallani in the 12th century AD. The Barmer district forms a part of the Thar Desert and is surrounded by Jaisalmer (north), Jalore (south), Pali and Jodhpur (east) and Pakistan (west).


A trip to Barmer means a close look at rural Rajasthan, wherein you will find mud-walled houses decorated with motifs and Rajasthani attired in their traditional dresses.

Barmer is known for its rich crafts, dances and music. The town that was once an important route for camel caravan trades is now considered to be the center for woodcarving, pottery, carpets and other intricate embroidery work.

The ancient village of Jasol was a principal state in Mallani once upon a time. It has derived its name from the descendants of a Rathore sub-clan. A famous Hind temple here is ornamented with fine sculptures brought from an ancient Jain temple.

The old Ranchhriji temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is the biggest attraction of this place. The temple is surrounded by a crumbling wall and has a statue of a Garuda (eagle) guarding the complex. Brahma, Bhairav and Mahadev temples also adorn the town.