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Churu India

Churu, who was a Jat Chief, founded the town of Churu in 1620 AD. This town then became a part of the Kingdom of Bikaner. Widely known for the grand Kothar Haveli and Kanhaiya Haveli that have big paintings of lovers who made history like Dhola Maru and Sassi Punnu, Churu is made up of semi arid sandy plains and is only watered by Katli river in the north east. Main Attractions.

The town of Churu does not have much to offer to its visitors except for the few historical buildings like Ratangarh fort, Salasar Balaji Temple and Surana Haveli. The town even does not have any handicrafts to boast about except for some good sandalwood objects.

Churu has many local shops that sell regional handicrafts, tie and dye fabrics and furniture. There is a thriving industry in antique-looking souvenirs. The town is also a local market for wool, millet, gram (chick-pea), cattle, and salt and its cottage industries include handloom weaving, pottery and leather manufacture.