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Deogarh India

A small town in the district of Rajsamund, Deogarh (135 km from Udaipur) is mainly famous for its Mahal. A convenient base for trips to the famous Kumbalgarh fort or the Jain Temples of Ranakpur, Deogarh is located in the southern part of Rajasthan. A wooded principality, the seat of the chundawat clan of Sisodias Rajputs, and the seat of the Deogarh school of paintings, this town is surrounded by Bhils villages whose colourful way of life and celebration of festival is unique.

Deogarh,  India

The Deogarh Mahal, Rawal Dwarka Das Ji as a family residence built the main attraction at Deogarh in the year 1670 AD. The palace gradually became a focal point of village activities. The family interacted with the villagers and invited a host of banquets and celebrations to be performed within the Mahal confines.

Deogarh is also renowned as a school of miniature painting. Some Deogarh miniatures beautify the personal collection of the present Rawat Sahib. Frescoes of this art form can also be seen on the fort walls. The Mahal also has some exhilarating rooms to glance through - Sheesh Mahal that is a colorful hall of various mirrors is just among those rooms.

A group of 31 Jain temples from the post Gupta period comprise the Manastambha. People can see scenes from Jain mythology portrayed in panels. The Tirthankaras images, a Manastambha (votive pillar), Ayagpatta (votive tablet), Sarvato Bhadra Pratima (Jain images visible from all sides) and Sahastrakuta (pillar carved with a thousand Jain figures) are some of them.