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Dundlod India

Situated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, Dundlod is a tiny town usually used as a stopover by travelers. However, picturesque surroundings make Dundlod an interesting place to visit.

The 17th century Fort of Dundlod is indeed a mirror to the architectural grandeur of Rajasthan. The cultural heritage of the state is preserved is imbibed in the Dundlod Fort.


Kesari Singh built the castle in 1750 AD. The motif of flowers and foliage, minarets, mythological paintings, arrows and shields etc has remained unchanged through these many years. The architectural beauty of the fort is actually an embodiment of the cultural amalgamation of the Rajputana and Mughal schools of art and architecture. The first ray of the sun falling over the fort makes for a mystical moment.

The Tuganram Goenka Haveli is one of the prime attractions of Dundlod. The fine mirror work of the Haveli can be seen above the windows on the upper walls of the courtyard.