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Rajasthan Arts & Crafts

Rajasthan, land of kings, is welcoming you like a king and promises to fulfil your appetite of your mind with wonderful forts& palaces, story of chivalry of Rajputs, deciduous forest full of wildlife, tigers, moon light folk dance in sand dunes, beautifully carved havelies, exotic cuisines, tribal life style, some really beautiful temples and traditional Rajputana style welcome.

Jaipur meenakari is renowned for its delicacy and use of colours. Nathdwara and Pratap Garh are other centers, known for fine quality enamel work.

Rajasthan Arts & Crafts

Rajasthan is affluent in jewellery and each region has its own unique style. Some of the famous traditional designs are bajuband, gajra, gokhru rakhri, tirnaniyan, bala, jod, etc. The ivory are considered auspicious and most of the women wear them. Ivory is also inlaid and fashioned into elaborate items of great beauty. Miniature paintings are also executed on ivory. Lac bangles are inlaid with glass. Other decorative and functional items are also available. Jaipur is famous for gold and silver enamellings. Nathdwara is also famous for meenakari.

Jaipur is famous for boxes; tables and trays with inlay work of brass or copper. This work is called tarkashi. It utilizes glistening metal wire to set in the wood and create delicate geometric patterns. In the narrow alleyways one may find master craftsmen at work.

There are lanes in Jaipur famous for engraving in marble and yellow or red sandstone. Earlier local rulers patronized these craftsmen.

Today, these stone carvers have to idol and sculptures for their livelihood. This industry is located in the southwest area of Jaipur. The artisans made figures of gods and goddesses. Apart from these one may also find animals, human figures and plain geometric forms.

Rajasthan is famous for leather craft and industry. The native style leather shoes known as jooties are made in Jaipur and Jodhpur. These shoes are decorated with embroidery known as kasida. In Jaipur kasida is first performed on velvet and then pasted into the leather. In Jodhpur kasida is performed on the leather. The women mainly finish this embroidery. They also do elaborate stitching or appliqué to give shoes a designer look. These shoes have neither left foot nor right foot.

Other crafts includes blue pottery, terracotta sculptures, hand block printing, tie and dye fabrics, painting on camel hide, embroidery on clothes, painting on fabrics, carpets, durries, inlay work on wood and brass.