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Rajasthan Cuisine

Food is one of the major dimensions of any culture that is the outcome of several factors like climate, availability, temperature etc. Rajasthan has always been associated with Royalty and hence luxury and indulgence; and what better way to show indulgence than great food!

Rajasthan has attained perfection in producing great food that not only tastes great, but is also in perfect harmony with its climatic conditions and availability of raw food items. Extreme care is taken to create perfect recipes and while serving it to the guests and visitors. Such care has almost transformed Rajasthani cooking into an art rather than being a mere process of churning out food.

Traditionally most of the major communities and religions in Rajasthan follow vegetarianism. Be it the Rajputs, the Vaishnavas, the Bishnois and the Mahavirs, meat and other non-vegetarian food were never a part of their conventional food habits. However, if you are worried because of your inclination towards non-vegetarian dishes; it will be relaxing to know that almost all restaurants in the State offer various dishes in non- vegetarian cuisines keeping in mind the different food habits of the tourists and also the changing food habits of the natives.

Food by Compulsion

All food items in local Rajasthani cuisines are more about compulsion rather than choice. Perhaps this explains as to why cooks avoid substantial use of water in the foods (due to water scarcity) and prefer to use milk, butter milk etc.

However the skill of Rajasthani cook lies in the amazing taste and variety of their dishes. Every region has its own limitations and short comings; the key lay in how you cope with the limitations and yet come up with something extraordinary by mobilizing the available resources.

Gram flour is extensively used to make food items like Khata, Gatte Ki Sabzi, Pakodi etc. Powdered lentils are used to prepare food items like Mangodi and Papad.

Rajasthanis are also known to love sweets, locally known as ‘mithais’. Varieties include jalebis, rasgullas, falda, Mishri Mawa, Sohan Halwa, Mawa Katchori, Dil Jani etc.

If varieties excite you and inspires you go into its depth of recipes and history, you can begin by locating each region’s specialty. Each region within Rajasthan has its own trademark sweet in which it specializes!