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Explore Rajasthan

Rajasthan Arts & Crafts

Rajasthan, land of kings, is welcoming you like a king and promises to fulfil your appetite of your mind with wonderful forts& palaces, story of chivalry of Rajputs, deciduous forest full of wildlife, tigers, moon light folk dance...Read more

Rajasthan Culture

There is much more to know about Rajasthan than its topography and climate. Otherwise how else can one explain the ever growing flow of tourists towards the State in spite of the extremity of its temperature and remorseless...Read more

Rajasthan Costumes

It is curious when we talk about the costumes or dressing habits of a specific State, region or a community and then realize how several factors went into making the kind of habits that they...Read more

Rajasthan Cuisine

Food is one of the major dimensions of any culture that is the outcome of several factors like climate, availability, temperature etc. Rajasthan has always been associated with Royalty and hence luxury and...Read more

Rajasthan Marbles

As the purchasing capacity of every Indian increases with improving per capita income; more and more people are shifting away from the conventional materials of building like clay and concrete...Read more

Rajasthan Fairs & Festivals

Chambal adventure fair is celebrated at Kota during the month of February. Many adventurous events are organized. You may opt for boating in Chambal River between Kota and Jawahar Sagar dam...Read more

Rajasthan Dance

Dance is a form of mute expression and is as authentic an expression of culture and society as folk songs and folk stories. The colorful costumes and lively movements punctuate the harshness of the desert climate and helps uplift...Read more