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Hanumangarh India

The city of Hanumangarh was earlier known as Bhatner after the name of the Bhatti Dynasty of Rajputs that ruled over the city for a very long time. Abhay Rao about whom there is little mention in the history built the fort of Hanumangarh. When Timor the lame invaded India, he captured this fort.

The Bhatner fort, built by Abhay Rao Bhatti has witnessed many important events of Indian history.

Merchants from middle Asia, Kabul and Sindh used to pass from this area while going to Delhi and Agra for trade. Timor the lame has mentioned in his biography that he had never seen such a strongly built and secured fort in India.

Kalibanga, located at a distance of around 20 kms from the city is renowned for its connections with ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Items like utensils, jewellary, toys and photographs of ancient cities and streets found in the excavation are kept here.