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Jhalawar India

Jalim Singh founded the town of Jhalawar, also known as Patan or Jhalrapatan in the year 1838 AD. This city was formed after the British separated this area from Kota. This city was a center of trade and the chief exports were opium, oil seeds and cotton. Just adjacent to the town of Jhalawar lies the site of the ancient city of Chandrawati that was destroyed during the kingdom of Aurangzeb. Red poppy fields and orange laden orchards in the countryside are the most fascinating and colourful site in Jhalawar during winters.

Bhawani Natya Shala is situated close to the fort and has a unique architecture. After its establishment in 1921 AD, Parsi Theatre was performed initially.

The ancient Buddhist caves are situated in the village Kolvi. The most impressive structures here are the carved stupas and a gigantic statue of Buddha.

The impressive fort of Gagron that was built over centuries has witnessed a number of great battles. The fort surrounded on three sides by river Ahu and Kali Sindh has the mausoleum of Sufi Saint Mithe Shah and thousands of devotees pay a visit to this holy shrine in the holy month of Moharram every year.

Some outstanding temples built in the 7th century AD on the banks of Chandrabhaga River catch the sight of the visitors of the city. Intricately carved pillars and arched gateways are a perfect example of temple architecture. The Shantinath Jain temple built in 11th century is also significant with fine murals and wonderful sculptures.

Rain Basera, located on the banks of Kishan Sagar Pond is an ideal picnic spot. This amazing wooden cottage was first built at some other place and was later brought to this place.