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Nagaur India

Nagaur was bestowed upon Balban as iqta (revenue right of land in lieu of salary) in 13th century. After that, the Sultans of Delhi, Gujarat and Marwar continuously exploited the city for possession. It was in great demand because of its strategic location. Sher Shah captured it in 1542.

An old fort in the heart of the town contains old palaces, water cisterns and a few other partially ruined buildings. The fort has some real high value paintings on its walls, making it a must-see for art lovers. There are quite a few historically important monuments in the town. There is a shrine dedicated to the disciple of the Khwaja of Ajmer. It is the Dargah of Khwaja Hamiduddin Nagauri who was also known as Sultan-ul-Tarkeen.

Nagaur is also renowned for its marble industry. The famous Makarana marble - used in Taj Mahal and Victoria Memorial Calcutta, is found in plenty.

Nagaur Fort is believed to be as old as the 2nd century. Centrally located, this sandy fort has witnessed a number of battles. There are many small temples and palaces inside the premises.

A very sacred place for the Jain community, the Glass temple is built of glass and is indeed a great display of master craftsmanship.