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Neemrana India

Neemrana is an ancient citadel town located at a distance of 125 kms from Delhi. It’s a famous picnic spot and lures a large number of people during weekends. This is the site of 14th century fort once ruled by the Chauhan Rajputs. Many identified it as the capital of the Vedic time Mahajanpada (state) Matasya. This site also has ruin of a 2500 years old Buddha Vihara (monastery).

The Neemrana Fort was in a dilapidated state before it was restored with great care and converted into a fine heritage hotel. Complete with craft shops, recreational facilities and loads of worldly charm, the Neemrana hotel is an experience to remember.

The 15th century step-well functions as a swimming pool and is often referred to as the pool-on-the plateau.