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The small village of Pachewar is located 90 kms south of the city of Jaipur and is at a convenient drive of 25 minutes from Dudu, a small town that is located on the Jaipur Ajmer highway. Pachewar is famous for cenotaphs, blue pottery kiln, metal toy makers and interesting surroundings.

Pachewar fort is a well-preserved serene fort with its colossal ramparts imposing gates, elaborate balconies and spacious apartments, festooned with antique frescos of delicate beauty. The circuit of local sightseeing includes a visit to the imperial cenotaphs, established on the banks of Pumpa Sagar Lake, ancient temples and exposure to the life of the village. The village craftsmen and artisans make delicate blue pottery, cozy carpets, colorful tie and dye and terra cotta pieces. Itinerant iron-smiths who carry their entire households on a single bullock-cart can also be seen here.