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Sariska India

Sariska Tiger Reserve is situated in backyard of the Aravallis Range and is located in Alwar district (180 km from Jaipur and 220 km from Delhi). Besides tigers it is home of spotted deer, Sambhar and the blue bull.

Sariska Tiger Reserve was created in 1978. The present area of the park is 866 sq km. The age-old Kankwari fort is situated in middle of the park. Some 10th century old Jain and Shaiva temples are also situated.

Tiger, leopard, caracal, rusty spotted cat, jungle cat, four-horned antelope, sambhar, spotted deer, wild boar, blur bull, jackal, hyena etc are main species of the park.

The best time to travel to Sariska is November to June. It covers an area of 800 sq km, with a core area of approximately 500 sq km.

The landscape of Sariska comprises of hills and narrow valleys of the Arawali hill range. The topography of Sariska supports scrub-thorn arid forests, dry deciduous forests, rocks and grasses. The broad range of wildlife here is a wonderful example of ecological adoption and tolerance, for the climate here is variable as well as erratic.

In morning and evening, wildlife in Sariska heads towards the many water holes, which litter the park, thus providing the guests with their best chance of viewing game. At some of these watering holes it is possible to book hides which are situated in prime spots for wildlife viewing.

The picturesque Siliserh Lake lies along the edge of the Sariska Tiger Reserve and a charming hunting lodge overlooking it, is a marvelous place for visitors to stay.

The avian world is also well represented with Peafowl, Grey Partridge, Bush Quail, Sand Grouse, Tree Pie; Golden backed Woodpecker, crested Serpent Eagle and The Great Indian horned Owl.

The park is open almost whole year-round, but for wildlife viewing and your comfort it is best to visit from October to April. Safaris are provided by jeep.

The Park has hides carefully located near the water holes. These afford fine opportunities for viewing and photographing wildlife. Splendid ruins scattered in the vicinity of Sariska give it an added interest.