You will experience an unforgettable experience at Ranthambore National Park. It has been rated as a 4.5 on trip advisor and is a top attraction in Rajasthan. It’s 1,334 km² which makes it one of the biggest parks in Northern India. It is well-known all around the world for the experience it offers tourists and the incredible wildlife that you can spot rooming around in their natural habitat.

Wild animals

Ranthambore National Park is mostly known for the abundance of tigers. So if you’re desperately searching for a tiger-siting on your visit to Rajasthan, this is without a doubt the place to go! Many wildlife photographers (and tiger lovers) will go here as its the most likely place to see tigers. The tigers at this national park are also extremely familiar with vehicles so they won’t be scared off by your approaching. They’ll sometimes even feel so comfortable they’ll come right up to your vehicle to inspect. So get your cameras ready!

But Rajasthan offers so much more than tiger sightings. You’ll find so many majestic creatures as you explore the park. There is a huge variety of animals including mammals, birds and reptiles. You might find leopards, sambar deer, Asian palm civets, striped hyenas, white-footed fox, Chinkara and Asiatic wildcat. And if this isn’t enough, there are also over 300 species of birds. Which is great news for the bird lovers! In fact, its Indias most popular birdwatching spots with people travelling from all over for this reason. These include serpent eagle, waterfowl, sandpiper, kingfisher, cormorant, bronzed-winged jacana, great-horned owl, sandgrouse, sarus crane, painted spurfowl and so many more.

The park is also well-known for the huge amount of Reptiles that you can find wandering around. Some of these reptiles can be dangerous, so it’s important to read the warning signs to stay safe and aware. That’s why getting a tour guide is always a great idea! The reptiles you might find include Desert Monitor Lizards, Tortoise, Banded Kraits, Cobras, Common Kraits, Ganga Soft Shelled Turtles, Indian Pythons, Rat Snakes, Russel’s Vipers, Indian Chameleon and more. There are even crocodile species in the marsh. There will be warning signs everywhere to stay away from the Marsh at all times.

Tours around Ranthambore National Park

There are so many tour options for Ranthambore National Park. Tourists should pick a tour package based on their main reasons for visiting the park. These are the tour options…

Safari Tour

You can choose out of two types of safari tours. The first tour will offer a Jeep and Canter experience. Depending on the size of your group, you can choose a 6 seat Jeep or a 20 seat Canter. The Canter safaris are perfect for those visiting in big groups so you can share the same tour guide and experience all that the park has to offer. The tour lasts about 3 hours and will take you to all the best spots in the park. This means you’re extremely likely to spot some of your favourite wildlife! Just make sure you’ve got your binoculars and camera ready.

Photography tour

There is a specific photography tour for photographers or just anyone that wants to get the best possible shots from the experience. This tour will take you to the most photogenic locations. It’s one of Indias top photography destinations so you’re guaranteed to get some amazing photographs. Your tour guide will also give you tips and tricks (for those who aren’t professionals) on how to get a great photograph. This tour is also for 3 hours so you’ll have so many opportunities to capture many different majestic creatures. And all with the most beautiful backgrounds! It’s no surprise that its a top location for wildlife photographers.

Ranthambore National Park

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