What is Elefantastic?

This amazing elephant sanctuary will give you the experience of a lifetime. It opened in 2012 and has become extremely popular, which is due to the special and unique encounter that this tour offers. Elefantastic is owned by a lovely local family that have had over four generations of experience with the care of elephants. It now has 25 Asian elephants that roam freely within the sanctuary. Each one is treated with exceptional care and respect. And it has now been voted the #2 tourist attraction in Rajasthan! It’s clear immediately that Elefantastic ensures the elephants need come first. They have even banned elephant riding to protect elephants from any possible stress. They focus on healthcare, welfare and rehabilitation for the elephants. Their main goal is to create a safe space these domesticated majestic elephants to live a healthy and happy life. So add Elefantastic to your itinerary today!

Having the opportunity to witness these magnificent animals up close is a spectacular experience. The team at Elephantasatic goes above and beyond and ensures the experience here is unmatchable. The eco-friendly living at this sanctuary ensures elephants live a long and healthy life. So many elephants are rescued either from the circus of poor living conditions and rehabilitated back to good health. You will get a meaningful and authentic experience here and it’s clear how well this family look after their elephants. They want to give tourists lots of information about elephants and their lives rather than simply just ordering rides. They offer an in-depth insight into the lives of Asian elephants. So, if you’re in India and want to hang out with elephant (who wouldn’t) then I strongly recommend Elefantastic. You do not have to be concerned about elephant welfare here.

Why choose Elefantastic?

As you probably already know, it is very important to pick the right elephant sanctuary when visiting a country. Unfortunately, so many elephants are being mistreated all around the world and beaten for exploitation and tourism. It’s your duty to do as much research as possible (read lots of individuals reviews) before choosing which elephant sanctuary to visit. Elefantastic offer a distinctive and rewarding experience with the elephants. You will be able to practice speaking to the elephants through different spoken commands. And instead of riding, you will walk with the elephants to a close-by village. This shows the elephants respect and allows them to be undisturbed, abused or exploited.

Elefantastic does not allow tourists to ride the elephants. No matter what elephant sanctuary tell you, if you’re allowed to ride elephants then these elephants are not being treated well. So any elephant sanctuary that promotes this should be avoided at all costs. The unfortunate truth is that baby elephants are taken away from their mothers and tortured and beaten in order to ‘break their spirit’. This means they’ll follow human commands more willingly as they have no fight left. Therefore, elephants may seem relaxed when you ride them but they are in fact just beaten down and submissive. This is a horrible thought but it’s very important that people are made aware. So they can choose a sanctuary that ensures the health and well-being of elephants is a priority. And not exploiting them for tourism.


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