What is the Real Deal Rajasthan Camel Safari?

This incredible camel tour takes place in the Thar Desert. This desert is famous and well-known across the world as the 17th largest desert covering 200,000 km2. Adventuring through this vast desert in the blazing heat is truly an incredible experience (just make sure you bring water and sun protection). You will enjoy an ethical camel-riding experience through the most remote and empty dunes. You will almost feel alone (apart from the people on your tour) as you adventure through the desert. This makes you feel far away from civilization which is something people love about the experience. This means there’s no one to ruin your picturesque photographs! The best thing about this tour is that they offer various different tour choices to cater to your needs. Whether its the half-day sunset tour, a full day tour or an overnight tour. Stargazing at nighttime here is truly magical!

I can definitely recommend The Real Deal Camel Safari. The team’s passion to make your experience the best shows in every little detail of the tour. The camels are treated amazingly and seem very content, happy and healthy. They offer a unique tour through the Thar Desert and will take you to some very isolated places. Where you’re likely to come across some more desert-living creatures! It’s so important to choose a good tour guide. To ensure your safety and make your travel through the desert hassle-free. So you can soak up the experience and immerse yourself in all the incredible sights that the Thar Desert offers. Make sure you carry your camera with you, you’ll want to capture this unforgettable experience. The sunrise or sunset in the desert is a sight you won’t want to miss.

Will you find other animals the Thar Desert?

Yes, the Thar Desert is home to many species of birds, reptiles and wild animals. So it is very likely that you’ll bump into some along the way. Some wild animals you might find include the red fox, the mongoose, the chinkara, antelopes, wild cats and of course, other camels other than the one you’re riding one. You will also see reptiles such as the Indian spiny-tailed lizard and desert scorpions. The Thar Desert is also a haven for birds, with up to 141 species. Including Indian Bustards, spotted eagles, laggard falcons, buzzards, kestrel, vultures and many more.

What shall I bring?

When travelling through the Thar Desert you will face extreme heat, especially in the middle of the day. In peak heat, it can reach 100 degrees and 50 degrees in the evening. It’s very important to protect yourself from the heat. Here are some things you’ll need…
Water! Water is essential. You must stay hydrated throughout the day.

  • Sun protection. I’d recommend the highest factor you can find. Don’t risk burning yourself.
  • A hat (also for sun protection).
  • A bandana or scarf. They will provide you with protection from sunburn, dust and sand.

These are the essential items but I’d also recommend taking a battery pack for your mobile phone. You’ll want to capture all the picturesque views. Hand sanitiser, your hands will get dirty from the dust and sand. And a low-backed chair when you stop for a break!

The Real Deal Rajasthan Camel Safari

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