Sariska Tiger Reserve Tour

Why choose the Sariska Tiger Reserve Tour?

I would strongly recommend the Sariska Tiger Reserve Tour to anyone that’s planning to visit Rajasthan. This tour is perfect for couples, families and friends. It’s hard not to be amazed by the sight of some of the worlds most majestic creatures. This experience allows you to interact with these creatures in an epic and ethical way. You will encounter many different creatures up close and personal. Some Sariska Tigers are so friendly you might even find them jumping on the bonnet of your vehicle! They will be rooming around in their natural habitat which is crucial for their well-being. These animals are complex, intelligent and loving beings that deserve freedom. That’s why this tour does not support zoos (zoos should be left in the part, its 2021 people). This incredible adventure through the jungle will fill you be excitement and delight. So book in today to guarantee your spot!

Which other animals will I get to see?

Of course, many tourists choose this tour because they want to see the spectacular Sariska Tigers. But you will encounter many different wild animals as you ride through the Indian Jungle. Not knowing which animals you’ll come across is all part of the fun. There’s a whole of 880 square kilometres to explore! There have been reportings of leopards, jungle cats, deers, boars, bison, sambhar, monkeys, chitals, hyenas, chausinghas, nilgais, porcupines and mongoose. This nature reserve is also home to an incredible 220 species of birds form many different regions. Such as crested serpent eagles, sand grouses, Indian nightjars, Eurasian eagle owl, Grey-winged Blackbird, white-capped water redstart and so many more! So make sure your prepared to do some bird-watching too.

What shall I bring?

If you’re struggling with what to pack for your Sariska Tiger Reserve Tour then here are my recommendations. You must bring the essentials, which include sun protection (a high factor, it gets extremely hot), bug spray (you’ll thank me later) and plenty of water (stay hydrated, always). Here are some not so essential items but might make your experience more enjoyable…

  • Comfortable shoes, walking shoes or sandals. There are points during the safari that your tour guide might let you hop out of the vehicle. You’ll be able to roam around or go on a team walk (not too far from your vehicle though). You’ll appreciate having the appropriate footwear on.
  • Any type of hat and sunglasses. The safari tour can get extremely dusty! You should wear a hat and/or sunglasses to protect your eyes. And to protect yourself from the sun too!
  • A warm jacket for the evenings. Of course, it’s extremely hot during the day so many people don’t think about bringing a jacket. You’ll be surprised by how much it’ll cool down in the evenings and you’ll be glad you’ve got some warmth.

Oh, and don’t forget your binoculars. You might find something from a distance that no’one else has spotted yet!

Book Now at to secure your spot. Once tickets are purchased, you’ll be emailed with any other information about this tour. Then it’ll be time to get excited!

Sariska Tiger Reserve Tour

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